About Us

We are Lucknow – Slow, Royal, Graceful

Any visit to Lucknow is incomplete without tasting the royal Awadhi Cuisine at Tunday Kababi. We are visited by celebrities, filmstars, cricketers and the common connoisseur.
Today we have expanded to various cities and our branches are supplied with secret masalas from Lucknow to maintain the consistency of taste.


Tunday Kabab is so named because it was a specialty of Haji Murad Ali, the one-armed chef.
The uniqueness of this kabab is the masala which is a zealously guarded family secret and prepared by the women in the family.
In 1905, Haji Murad Ali brought the royal taste to the commoner and established the first Tunday Kababi outlet in the criss-crossed lanes of the chowk area.